Eye beyond walls!!

I swore that day, I’d never fall again,

With tears of heartbreak dripping from my chin,

A wall was built to keep intruders out,

To insulate my heart in times of doubt,

I thought the feeling died,

Felt nothing deep inside,

No one could hurt me, even if they tried.

Buried in my heart beneath the pain,

Under the bitterness, and loneliness, that remains.

Sleeps a feeling that was buried long ago,

Without the light of love for it to grown.

” I took it back from her

Forgot the way things were

But when I saw your smile, I felt it stir “

The days went by, you put your smile on me,

You scaled the wall, just wouldn’t let me be,

Then touched my heart with words tender and kind,

And soon I saw the beauty of your mind.

” You came to me in dreams

Convinced it was a scheme

I tried to push you out of every scene “

But while my eyes were closed, I saw your face,

Two lovers in a passionate embrace,

That feeling left for dead grew like a fire,

My heart was racing, fueled by my desire.

” Baby you make me burn

My heart will never learn

I’ve drifted past the point of no return through those walls of indulate. “




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